‘I come to the flying workshop because I am very interested. You can do a lot of things here, for example with wood. There are also different things you can do here, like soccer, basketball, playing football. I also learned a lot from the Fliegerwerkstatt, for example what I can do with wood.’


‘I enjoy working with a great team, learning something new and helping each other! Especially the pilot training in our simulator is an important reason for me to come to the Fliegerwerkstatt to learn how to fly with other young people.’


‘It’s just a great thing to use part of the site as a workshop for young people! It’s always fun and you always get help and offers. The people are all very nice’.


‘I go to the Fliegerwerkstatt because I can always be with my closest friends and train the sport for which I burn (tricking). Besides, the Fliegerwerkstatt is like a second home for me, because I feel very comfortable here and I have a good relationship with everyone.’


‘We cook every week at the Fliegerwerkstatt. I always have fun in the Fliegerwerkstatt. I love it because I always learn something new. I always work with wood and I enjoy my work.’


‘I really enjoy coming to the Fliegerwerkstatt because here I can do what is important for the future. You can work practically, which I think is very helpful. I’ve also met so many nice people here that I really like spending time with.’

Ali Akbar

‘The Fliegerwerkstatt: It’s nice that I can do anything here, where I can work with wood and do many things. The Fliegerwerkstatt has a lot of nice things, including entertainment where we can play and have music. The Fliegerwerkstatt has two kind-hearted people: Mr. Dirk and Mathias I thank you forever.’


‘I’m coming to the Fliegerwerkstatt because I don’t have to be there till 10:00 and I can sleep late. Besides, nobody is bothering me here.’