Practical Experience for Refugee Youths

In the new school year, the Fliegerwerkstatt cooperates with the educational institution Arbeit und Bildung e.V. and takes over the practical part of the programme ” Practical Experience for Refugee Youths”. This programme is supported by the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family.

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‘I’m coming to the Fliegerwerkstatt because I can meet with my friends. I like it a lot, I can play here, and there are different things I can do here.’


‘I’m coming to the Fliegerwerkstatt because they took me in nice and super. I have been here for three years and they have supported me with many things and helped me to lead a good life (school, education, simulator). The Fliegerwerkstatt is like my second home and my family. They taught me a lot and I want to learn more. I love coming here because I feel comfortable here.’


‘Well, I go to the Fliegerwerkstatt because I enjoy working with wood and because I’m happy about the nice people. I hope that the workshop will be maintained for a long time to come.’


‘I come to the workshop because I can learn many new things. I’m interested in woodworking and I can have a good time with my friends. If I don’t feel like doing something, I can just come here and play foosball and cook with my friends.’