Our plane stays!

For over a year we have been restoring a Fokker triplane from the Technikmuseum Berlin. Now we are rebuilding the missing propeller. The initiator and volunteer is Günter Hujer, who brings his many years of experience to Rolls-Royce. As a permanent loan from the Technikmuseum, the Fokker has now found its place in the Fliegerwerkstatt.

By canoe to the surrounding area of Berlin

Nora and Emma have been building their wooden canoe for almost a year.
From the first outline to the sawing out and assembling of the templates to the cutting and milling of the mouldings, they have done everything themselves.

The last strips are still planked, then sanded and a glass fabric filled with epoxy resin is applied. In summer they want to do the first canoe tour!

The simulator is ready – the training can begin!

Julian, Hadi and Umut complete their first flight hours in the simulator. Engineer and hobby pilot Holger Litzenberg explains the many different functions and gives step by step the instructions necessary for take-off, flight and landing.

The next step is to get to know the software of the simulator. As an instructor, the youngsters can then make all flight settings and later accompany other youngsters and guests.

[Foto: Annika Nagel]